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Kaabo Wolf King GTR Electric Scooter

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The Kaabo Wolf King GTR is the newest, most savage beast to lead the pack. It’s an adult electric scooter with an IPX5 water resistance rating that’s designed for experienced riders craving the best of the best. Want a faster scooter? The King GTR has a top speed of 65 mph, capable of overtaking other scooters and even cars on the road.  Its dual 2000W hub motors are paired with removable rims, making it much easier to swap if you get a flat. BTW, these 12” air-filled tires have a self-sealing gel to combat punctures and prevent air from escaping, so you can keep riding even if you hit a nail. Need long-term durability? The water-resistant 72V 35Ah detachable battery means it’s easier to load this heavy duty scooter in a trunk, and quick to swap for double the range or replacement. The new dual hydraulic suspension system with adjustable damping allows more vertical travel and customization of the response, resulting in better handling and ride feel. Along with new safety and security features, the dual hydraulic disc brakes with 160 mm rotors provide standout stopping power. Kaabo has truly made improvements from the nose to the toes on the Wolf GTR scooter, from adding sophisticated performance features to its operating system to smoothing out ankle-biting edges on the kickstand. The new textured rubber deck is easy to clean, and keeps your feet planted even when carving around sharp corners. Replace your e-bike, car, bus, and every other way you get around with the Kaabo Wolf King GTR electric scooter, and enjoy an electrified life. 

  • New and improved 2-in-1 72V 100A sine wave controller capable of 110A max output, featuring performance and functionality upgrades
  • Powered by a detachable UL Certified LG/Samsung li-ion battery with 2419 Wh of capacity (21700 Cells) for over 55 miles of range on a single charge
  • Improved hydraulic front fork suspension and new coilover hydraulic shock rear suspension, both with easy-to-access adjustment knobs for softer or firmer damping
  • Larger, 12” x 4” ultrawide tubeless pneumatic tires combined with improved technology provides electronic stabilization and traction control for excellent performance at any speed. These new tires were created with the renowned CST supplier to manufacture a brand new hybrid tire
  • Comes equipped with two 84V 2A standard chargers for safe, efficient charging in approximately 10 hours
  • Wolf King GTR electric scooter user manual to come

Top Speed 65 mph

Tire Type 12” x 4” Self-Healing Hybrid Tires 100/55-7

Brake LightsY es

Range 55 miles

Charge Time ~9 Hours (2-2A chargers)

Brakes Zoom Hydraulic, 160mm Rotors

Signal Lights Yes

Hill Climb Angle 50 Degrees

Battery 72V 35Ah LG / Samsung 21700

Water Rating IPX5

Max Load*330 lbs (150 kg)

Motor 2000W (2) BLDC Hub Motors

Controller 100A Sine Wave Controller (1)
S Mode Pushes 110A

Headlights Yes

Item Weight 137 lbs

Throttle Finger Throttle

Display TFT LCD Display

Deck Lights Yes

Dimensions Unfolded: 50.9" x 29.4" x 53"
Folded: 64.1" x 29.4" x 20.9"


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Water-Resistant Expert Scooter

The Wolf King GTR is a stellar expert scooter. The bright dual headlights, front and rear turn signals, brake light, and ambient lights allow you to see and be seen in traffic, and the anti-theft alarm system helps safeguard your scooter when you leave it parked outside. With an IPX5 water resistance rating, the Wolf King GTR is designed for protection against water splashes and light rain, but would not survive if submerged or left in a wet environment for too long. Note: IP ratings classify electronics as capable of withstanding damage from debris and moisture, but few are actually waterproof. Not only is the GTR scooter well-constructed, it’s also designed for expert riders, with a new walking mode for pacing tandem, and a new S mode for hitting ultra-high speeds.

2-in-1 Controller

Equipped with a newly designed 2-in-1 sine wave motor motor controller, the Wolf King GTR has power plus-plus. The new S mode increases output from 100A to 110A resulting in a higher top speed of almost 70 mph along with faster acceleration. It’s affectionately known as race mode. Improving on the Wolf GT, the GTR has a 2-in-1 sine wave controller, and this new technology allows the scooter to perform more efficiently, accelerating in a smoother pattern and maintaining speed with less effort. As competitive scooter racing grows, improved technology like this will set apart champions from contenders.

Removable 72V Li-Ion Battery

The new detachable 72V 35Ah (21700 Cells) LG / Samsung battery offers a massive capacity of 2419 Wh capable of reaching up to 55 miles of range on a single charge. The battery itself is enclosed in a self-contained water-resistant case that has a convenient lift handle and locking mechanism. The surface of the battery is covered in textured rubber deck matting for non-slip traction underfoot. Not only is it removable, the battery has its own voltmeter readout directly on the top of the pack, along with dual water-resistant charging ports so you can recharge fully in around 10 hours.

Dual Suspension with 18-Step Damping

Even though the Wolf King GT is known for having exceptional handling, the King GTR cranks up the suspension system another step. With front hydraulic fork suspension and a beefier coil-over spring in the rear, the bushings won’t fail or need replacement as quickly, even under hard riding in rough conditions. Using the convenient turn knobs on the front and rear of the scooter, you can easily tune the damping up or down depending on your preference. Turn it up to stiffen suspension for a firmer response, and turn it down to feel a little more bounce. Combined with electronic traction control to prevent freewheel spinning, the GTR drives like nothing you’ve ever ridden before.

Removable Rim Wheels + Larger No-Flat Tires

Getting back onto the road after a flat tire shouldn’t take forever. With the new rims and improved pneumatic tires on the Wolf King GTR, nothing will stop you from riding. Featuring a sealant gel on their interior, the huge 12” hybrid tires will automatically seal themselves when punctured, so they’ll stay inflated. This prevents you from suffering downtime and makes the tires ultra durable. If you do need to change them, they are mounted on removable rims, making it much easier to remove the wheel and unseat the tires for repairs. This style also makes swapping from road to off-road tires simpler, as you can purchase extra rims to keep extra tires at the ready. The wider 4” width creates a larger contact patch between you and the road, properly grounding you yet easily traversing over terrain.

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Kaabo Wolf King GTR Electric Scooter - Beyond PEV

Kaabo Wolf King GTR Electric Scooter