Privately-owned e-scooters could soon be properly licensed, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has suggested that privately-owned electric scooters could be legalised in the UK sooner than expected.

The UK Government has unveiled plans to legalise the private use of e-scooters, Until now, e-scooters have been illegal on roads − except in specific trials – but their private use will now be regulated by new legislation,Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed. Laws regulating the use of electric scooters are expected to be introduced in the 2022–23 session.

E-transport technology could be key in the UK’s path towards net-zero, and many experts have hailed this move by the Government as a necessary step to ensure that the law holds e-scooters to a high standard of safety and helps lower greenhouse gas emissions that result from transport. 

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What could UK legalisation look like?

Speed Caps

It's likely that the UK will follow the EU's approach and limit speed to around 15.5mph (25km/h) similar to the current trial rental electric scooters


E-Scooters will very likely need to have at minimum front and rear lights, brake lights and possibly turn signals. Turn signals can be retro-fitted


E-Scooters will need to have sufficient braking technology. Riders may be required to wear helmets and other safety gear. Riders may also require basic training.