Ireland Legalises E-Scooters!

With the legislation only weeks away in Ireland, see our guide on what you can buy and how to get it to Ireland...

Cabinet approves legislation to allow e-scooters on Irish roads.

Expectation is that legislation will now be concluded before Christmas.

The Irish Government has approved the legislation to allow for e-scooters on Irish roads. It is now due to go before the Oireachtas and should be concluded before Christmas.

The Road Traffic and Roads Bill, which will include provisions for e-scooter usage, was approved by Cabinet on Tuesday 19th October 2021.

So what will the legislation be?

E-scooters are described in the Bill as "a powered personal transporter" in the bill and as with E-bikes their maximum design speed is prescribed to be "no less than six kilometres per hour and no more than 25 kilometres per hour."

Which Scooters can I buy from Beyond PEV?

All of our scooters can be limited to 25km/h (hard-wired). Therefore you have the pick of anything on our site!

What is a good entry level scooter?

If you're looking for top quality and reliability we recommend either:

How long will my scooter take to arrive from Beyond PEV to Ireland?

Typically it is 3-5 Working Days, but may be longer if there are delays or back logs externally out of our control.

Read our shipping policy for full details.


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  • R.S.C

    After much deliberation, I have my heart set on a Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro. Will you be selling that escooter anytime soon ?

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