Hero S9 Electric Scooter

🛴 Electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads in the UK. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that you operate your e-scooter within all country and local laws.

  • HERO S9 Electric scooter

    Light, Portable and most important... adaptable.

    The Hero S9 electric scooter is the perfect lightweight, portable companion. This adult electric scooter offers a comfortable and consistent ride at all times, and can be folded & transported easily!

    More than enough!

    The Hero S9 electric scooter sports a single 600Watt Brushless motor, acceleration is instantaneous and with full drum brakes as standard there is very little maintenance required!

    Car grade batteries...

    The Hero S8 electric scooter comes in 2 battery variants 48v 13ah & 48v 21ah, with the larger of the two offering a maximum range of 60km (37 miles)

    Lighting up the way!

    The Hero S9 electric scooter comes standard with front and rear LED lighting and Brake lights, but the fun starts when you turn on the side lights! Whilst providing you with so much more visibility, these lights can be customised to any colour or sequence of your choosing (RGB 16.5 million colours), and can even be controlled via the "LED Lamp" app.

    No shortcuts when it comes to quality.

    The Hero Scooters are manufactured using top quality car-grade aluminium alloy that gives this product a tough, rugged, durable and stable construct.

    Now with Thumb Throttle installed as standard

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