We stock Award-Winning Products!

Many of our E-Scooters & E-Bikes have received awards from review channels and popular magazines such as: Electric Scooter Guide, Electric Scooter Insider, and T3.com!

Awards include:

Best Long-Range Scooter (Emove Cruiser)

Best Integrated Design (Apollo City Pro)

German Innovation Award (EINS® BMX)

& Many More!

Our Award-Winning E-Mobility Products

Best Long-Range Scooter 2022 - Electric Scooter Guide
Best Integrated Design 2022 - Electric Scooter Guide
Best Exotic Performance 2022 - Electric Scooter Guide
Speed Champion 2022 - Electric Scooter Guide
Best Mid-Level: Commuter Scooter - E-Scooter Insider
Most Portable Electric Scooter - E-Scooter Insider
Best E-Scooter under £2000 - E-Scooter Insider
German Innovation Award 2022