Inmotion L9

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Inmotion L9


INMOTION L9: Cruise in Style
City Cruiser Redefined. Powerful and safe ride up to 59 miles with only ONE charge.

Start Cruising in Style!

Tired of the same old commute? Has finding a parking space, sitting in traffic, and worrying about gas prices started to bore you? Cities are made to be explored. But cars are inconvenient, and bicycles can leave you sweaty and exhausted. Enter the INMOTION L9, an all-new way to explore your city. With an unrivaled range, a lightning-fast Dash charger, and a smooth and comfortable ride, the L9 will help you see a whole new side of your city, and redefine your daily commute. Whether going to work, zipping around the neighborhood, or heading out to explore your town, the L9 will let you relate to your city in a whole new way. It’s safe, durable, easy to use, and best of all? It’s a blast to ride!

The L9 isn’t just about peak performance, it’s also about providing a fun, comfortable way to experience your city. It's been custom-engineered to provide a smooth ride from the ground up, starting with 10” tires featuring a unique shark fin tire pattern. This large tire size and the tire pattern work together to provide a silky smooth ride and great traction on even tough terrain. Then, our unique front- and rear-spring shock absorption system provides you with unprecedented comfort and stability, even over rough surfaces or speed bumps. On any kind of road, in any conditions, you’ll glide right over trouble with speed and style.

The L9 also features a wide, 7”/18 cm deck to provide you with comfort and control while you cruise. With space for both feet, this deck is perfect for longer trips.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a brand-new beginner, you’ll never need to worry about safety with the L9. It features both a traditional disc brake and electronic dual braking system (EBS), providing a shorter braking distance and more stable braking experience, as well as providing regenerative braking for recycling power when you slow down . The L9’s EBS system offers the best in class responsiveness, stability and steerability- resulting in the best in class road safety.

The size and safety of the L9 battery is second to none. Featuring a Smart Battery Protective System (BPS), that protects you from anything: over-discharge, short-circuits, and overcharge, all while providing battery equalization and temperature protection. Stay safe while you cruise in style.