EX DISPLAY - Kaabo Mantis PRO Electric Scooter

🛴 Electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads in the UK. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that you operate your e-scooter within all country and local laws.


    The Kaabo Mantis Pro electric scooter exceeds expectations for an electric scooter. It's incredible range will see you enjoying rides of up to 55 miles, with no problem on inclines of up to 35%. You’ll not be let down by battery life either, this is as quick charging as it is agile; only four hours with a fast charger. For stopping power, the Pro e-scooter is best bar none: complete with fully hydraulic brakes, this electric scooter comes with an advanced electric-ABS system, stopping the wheels from locking as you brake, giving peace of mind for strong and safe braking.

    The Kaabo mantis Pro electric scooter is designed for the demanding rider who wants it all: Strong acceleration, excellent performance for those fun weekend rides, large batteries to master up to 55 miles between charges, and still allows carrying in one hand.

    It folds down easily and is still portable, despite its strong performance.

    The two powerful brushless 60V 1000W motors deliver fun acceleration and climb up to 35% inclines with ease. Ride in single motor mode while conserving your battery or switch on the second motor for extra acceleration.

    The front and rear advanced swing arm spring suspension delivers a smooth ride.

    Full hydraulic brakes in the PRO version provide full control during your ride. The advanced display/throttle combination allows configuration of speed limit, cruise control and regenerative braking strength. The PRO version with Minimotors display also features motor torque adjustments and ABS.

    2 front and rear LEDs and the bright lateral LED strip will ensure you will be seen at night. We recommend an attachable headlight for longer rides at night.

    8-12h charging time with the included 2A charger.

    The Mantis is available in 5 variants:

    Single Lite - 48V 13Ah, 34 mile range, standard display, front and rear disc brake.

    Single Lite Plus 48V 18.5Ah 34 Mile range, standard display, front and rear disc brake.

    Single GT - 60V 18.2Ah LG, 37 mile range, Standard Display, hybrid hydraulic brakes

    Dual (X) - 60V 24.5Ah LG, 55 mile range (ECO mode), standard display, hybrid hydraulic brakes

    Dual PRO - 60V 24.5Ah LG, 55 mile range (ECO mode), Minimotors display/ throttle, full hydraulic brakes

    Range and speed is dependant on riders weight, road surface, wind and other conditions.

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