Bluegrass Magnete Lite Gloves

Bluegrass Magnete Lite Gloves - AVAILABLE NOW

Bluegrass Magnete Lite gloves benefit from a clever little magnet on the cuff, so they don’t get separated, whether clipping them to the bars of the bike or the strap of a rucksack.

The gloves are made from a breathable fourway stretch material, great for keeping hands cool and dry, and also ensuring a comfortably snug fit.

The thumb is overlayed with an extra gripping fabric inside the hand and a sweat wipe fabric on the outside. A silicon texture is placed on the “braking” fingers, to maximise grip when needed.

A special material on the fingertips allows to use touchscreen devices without removing the gloves.

Sizing Chart

A cm 16,5/19 19/21,5 21,5/24 24/27,5