Bluegrass Intox Full Face CAMO Helmet

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Bluegrass Intox Full Face CAMO Helmet

The Intox is a helmet for high velocity, offering extensive protection through sophisticated technologies for fast Riders. Yet he remains very accessible when it comes to prize, due to his merging of style, safety and quality. These qualities enable it as a win for every rider.

Safety and proper fit
Through its doubleshell construction, with an Abs polymer outer shell and an inner shell, consisting of impact resistant, expendable polystyrene beads,the safety of your head is guaranteed.

Active safety technology
Loss of surrounding noises is prevent via active safety technology, thus your safety isn't restrained.

Adjustable visor with three point attachment, enabling a huge, unrestricted field of vision.

Features of Bluegrass Intox

  • Chin strap buckle, Double-D buckle
  • MX style straps. Integrated rivet and metal plate anchor
  • comfort: Fully removable internal padding
  • accessories: removable onboard-camera support available as a spare