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Apollo Ghost - Mechanical Brake

🛴 Electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads in the UK. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that you operate your e-scooter within all country and local laws.

  • Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

    Scary Impressive

    Apollo Ghost builds on the most popular features of the best-selling Apollo Pro and introduces a number of improvements. Industry-leading suspension and acceleration are finally available in a smaller, more compact, and refined package. The Ghost also introduces a number of highly-demanded features such as collapsable handlebars, deck lighting, dedicated footrest, and more. Though this electric scooter launched on Halloween, it will remain scary impressive all throughout the year.

    Out Of This World Design

    While most manufacturers race to use larger batteries and more powerful motors, we do not. Great design starts with details, not inflated specifications. The Ghost isn't an evolution, it is a revolution.

    Apollo Ghost features a beautifully hollow frame made from forged aluminium, giving it sturdiness without the bulk. It dramatically reduces the infamous stem wobble through single stem design. It introduces aluminium fenders, for improved coverage and durability. The list goes on and so does our obsessive drive to make this the most durable and reliable scooter we ever made.

    Faster Than Casper

    Dual motor drive does not need to break your bank. The Ghost features two powerful 800W brushless motors that add up to 1600W of total nominal power. When at peak, the motors offer 1000W of power each or 2000W maximum instantaneous output.

    No More Range Anxiety

    The Ghost uses our true-and-tested Dynavolt cells, famously used in electric motorcycles and across other Apollo products. Featuring a 947 watt hour battery (52V 18.2aH), it offers impressive range:

    Conservative power settings: 39 miles (62KM)

    Maximum power settings: 14 miles (23KM)

    The Ghost delivers a record 600 charge cycles without compromising performance. How much is that? Charging three times a week on average, the battery pack will maintain full capacity for nearly 4 years. Afterwards, simply grab a replacement battery pack at cost as per our warranty policy, and get riding again.

    Glide Like Never Before

    The name "Ghost" originally came from the test drive of the first production unit, which blew away our testing team with it's handling and riding comfort.

    Today, Apollo Ghost features a dual spring system, inspired by the industry-leading suspension from our Apollo Pro. Unlike the Pro, the Ghost's suspension can be easily adjusted with only an allen key. Though it features large, 10 inch pneumatic tires, the Ghost was designed with a lower ground clearance. With 8.5 inches between the deck and the ground, the Ghost sits lower, creating a completely new riding experience with dramatically improved handling. So hop on, and enjoy the glide.

    Hauntingly Portable

    Weighing only 64LB (29KG), the Ghost is the only scooter in its category to feature folding handlebars. When finished riding, simply un-secure the handlebar and fold it to align with the deck. For full dimensions, reference the specification table at the bottom of the page.

    The Ghost has a built-in fold and lock mechanism, allowing the stem to remain attached to the deck, even when folded. This simple, but important feature allows the electric scooter to be carried and picked up with ease.

    Supernatural Features

    Apollo Ghost offers more features than any other scooter in its price category. Safety features like the key lock ignition and multiple locking spots allow you to leave your scooter outside worry-free.

    Ride-control features such as single/dual motor and eco/turbo switches put you in control of your ride. When the need for speed kicks in, the Ghost is ready to fly within the press of a button. Likewise, if a long ride looms ahead, simply switch to eco mode and ride for miles.

    Never Fear For Your Safety

    Equipped with two disc brakes, Apollo Ghost stops as well as it accelerates. With a stopping distance of only 8ft from 15 MPH (25 KMH) this scooter delivers best-in-class braking performance.

    The Ghost also features re-generative braking, activated when brake handles are pressed. This does not only decelerate the scooter while riding, it also re-charges the battery while doing so. A win-win if you ask us.

    Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

    Two LED lights in the front and two in the rear.

    Dedicated signature blue LED strips along both sides of the deck.

    Safety is critical. The Ghost ensures you remain visible while riding even at night - offering lights for you to see, as well as for you to be seen.

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