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E-Twow Booster GT 2020 - Electric Scooter

🛴 Electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads in the UK. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that you operate your e-scooter within all country and local laws.

E-Twow Booster GT - Electric Scooter

E-Twow is one of the benchmark brands in the electric scooter market. Well known for its Booster range, it offers the GT Plus version here. The Booster GT 2020  is therefore an improved and more powerful version. Thus, enjoy more power while keeping the agility of the Booster.

This scooter goes from 36V to 48V in particular. What brings him more power. Despite this larger battery, the scooter remains easily transportable. Indeed, its weight is only 11.9 kg. This allows you to take it everywhere with either, whether in transport or in the trunk of your car.

In terms of design, this scooter keeps the look of the Booster Plus. However, it has a more modern finish than the old ones. It also retains a certain finesse in order to facilitate its transport.  

E-TWOW Booster GT 2020: technical characteristics: 

On the technical side, the finesse and lightweight of the scooter does not detract from its performance. This more powerful engine compared to previous models allows, in particular, to consider slopes up to 30% without worries. 

Then, its new Samsung 48V 10.5 ah battery gives it more autonomy. But this battery not only increases the range, but it also allows you to have more power. In any case, you can reach 40 km on a single charge. 

Summary of technical characteristics: 

  • 700W motor
  • Samsung 48V 10.5 Ah battery
  • 30 ° slopes
  • Range of 40km


Comfort & safety of the scooter:  

In terms of comfort and safety, this compact scooter does not neglect anything. Indeed, it has a manual drum brake with energy recovery placed at the rear. This allows you to brake safely on the one hand. But it also allows energy to be recovered during deceleration or braking. 

You will also be won over by the front and rear suspensions of the scooter. These provide shock absorption and road defects. In addition, its soft erasers provide impeccable handling.

Finally, you will notice the presence of solid tires. These have the particular advantage of having no maintenance to perform. therefore, no puncture possible. 

Features summary: 

  • Drum brake
  • LED lights
  • Soft rubber tires
  • Front + rear suspension

The Booster GT and its competitors: 

Competition is increasing in terms of compact and light electric scooters. But the Booster GT immediately ranks among the best.